1.  What browsers work best with this website?  Answer:  Firefox and Chrome should work fine.  Internet Explorer is different.  IE opens a new tab every time a view cart or add to cart button is used.  Instead of using the continue shopping link in the shopping cart, simply close out ("X") the TAB on the right which will take you back to shopping.       

  2.  What if I want a part that is not listed or for some equipment not shown on this website?  Answer: Only the parts listed on this web site are the parts sold.    

  3.  Is there a minimum order?  Answer:  No, but there is an extra $2.50 handling surcharge if the parts in the order total less than $15.  

  4.  How much is shipping?  Answer:  Shipping and handling to the US on all orders is $5.00 except orders less than $15 where the S & H and surcharge is $7.50.  For items large or heavy the shipping is the same because the extra shipping is built some into the price of those items.  

  5.  How can I pay for parts?  Answer:  PayPal is preferred.  They accept your PayPal balance plus various credit cards.  If you want to pay by cash, check or money order, you will have to email me with part numbers and quantities and wait for a reply.  This is more laborious for me so be patient for my reply.  It may take a few days.

  6.  Do you ship overseas?  Answer:  Yes.  The only payment method at this time is by Western Union.  You can do it online and then send us an email with the control number which we use to get the money from an agent location.  First, you have to email us with part numbers shown on this web site and the quantities and wait for a reply.  We will reply with the total cost including the shipping to your location.  It may take a few days for our reply. 

  7.  What condition are the parts?  Answer:  Used parts are just that, used.  I do look at most parts to see if they appear to be functional when they are removed from the equipment and will not send anything that I spot as not functional for your purpose.  Some items are checked for resistance, continuity, or by other means to see if they are probably functional. The parts that are described as new, are new replacements which can be of different size but are suitable for replacement. Unless otherwise stated, tubes are tested to be working. 

  8.  Are the pictures of the actual item shipped?  Answer:  Not always.  Pictures of new or used items may be stock pictures representative of what that item may look like.

  9.  What if I order and pay for something and you don't have it.?  Answer:  That doesn't happen very often.  Inventories are usually kept sufficient to handle orders of normal quantities.  The three situations where that might happen is the inventory was not up to date for some reason, an unusually large number is ordered, or a used part is discovered to be bad or defective when it is being processed for the order.  If it does happen, you will be asked if you want a full refund for that item and still want other items in the order.  Or, you can elect to cancel the complete order and get a full refund. 

  10.  Do you warrant used parts?  Answer:  Yes, any used part ordered can be returned within 15 days in the same condition as received for a full refund, less the shipping and handling charges.  Reproductions or new parts usually can not be returned without a significant restocking charge.  

  11.  Do you operate this business 24/7/365?  Answer:   No.   All orders are usually shipped within 1 to 3 business days after payment.  If that is not going to be possible there should be a message to that effect on the HOME page.  

  12.  I don't see all the used parts previously sold.  Will you be selling them?  Answer:   Some.  As time goes on more used parts will be added but probably not as extensive as in the past.  So keep checking the web site.  If it's not listed here it's not for sale yet and you need not ask as they can't be sold until they appear on this site.     














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