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f3l.jpg (110797 bytes)

HW-101 with an RIT control installed

bkl.jpg (102098 bytes)

Back of an unmodified HW-101 

ll.jpg (99335 bytes)

Close up of left front panel 

rl.jpg (92225 bytes)

Close up of right front panel

DCP_1220a.JPG (190309 bytes)

One I sold on eBay

f1l.jpg (103700 bytes)

Another I sold on eBay

f2l.jpg (124054 bytes)

Another I sold on eBay

fl.jpg (87300 bytes)

Another I sold on eBay 

lbl.jpg (143157 bytes)

Another I sold on eBay

1.jpg (102803 bytes)

One I sold on display at the buyer's station. 

psk3.jpg (108352 bytes)

Station of K8GNZ in 2003



ham1.JPG (182866 bytes)

K8GNZ's previous  Heathkit station 


k8gnz1957.JPG (58327 bytes)

K8GNZ's 1957 station with 4 Heathkits 

computers.jpg (88792 bytes)

K8GNZ's Heathkit computers around 1978

n4tbu.jpg (118909 bytes)

Jerry's N4TBU station

pa0axa.jpg (40235 bytes)

PA0AXA's HW-101

gallery10.JPG (78193 bytes)

Chris SV1DAF's HW-101

HW101_RIT.JPG (228640 bytes)

RIT w/o hole in front panel, by Tony, I0JX

HW-101-4.jpg (89976 bytes)

WA0TTN's HW-101 with riser feet reversed to level

hw101_dl5sbs.jpg (71809 bytes)

One HW-101 at  DL5SBS, Tom in Germany      

VE3FWFbernie.jpg (23071 bytes)

Many classics at VE3FWF


KD8DBO.jpg (121181 bytes)

A whole room full, and all operational.  KD8DBO

SA7AUY.jpg (194931 bytes)

Nice heathkit collection of  SA7AUY in Sweden

hw12.jpg (57768 bytes)

K9YLI's HW-12 undergoing some tests.

HW-100 Dial0004.JPG (257889 bytes)

K9PLM's modified HW-100  with the HW-101 color dial. 


SB-102 & sup.jpg (306570 bytes)

Very nice SB-102 & Spkr.


sa5bct1.jpg (96988 bytes)

Peo, SA5BCT, and his big collection in Sweden.


Rob_s_Radio_s.jpg (96606 bytes)

W9RDW and his great Heathkit  collection. 


Cheyenne_Comanche.jpg (138065 bytes)

Nice Cheyenne and Comanche pair of  Carl, W5SU.  

arandom pics 005.jpg (137848 bytes)

Eric,  AC5CW, just got his DX-35 and operates CW. 

GDSC01006.JPG (176270 bytes)

Nice collection by VE6CN, a big Heathkit  fan. 


GDSC01011.JPG (183630 bytes)

More VE6CN Heathkits.  Antenna is on his 96' tower.


GIMG_0094.JPG (132474 bytes)

Bob, K8RAF, has a big Heathkit collection.  

Gal00011.jpg (196720 bytes)

Craig, WA6EKP, has a large Heathkit collection.

Gal00041_1.jpg (205441 bytes)

More of Craig's collection.


WB2EOD.jpg (57186 bytes)

Ray WB2EOD and  XYL KC2THQ have this nice and fully functional station.  

 wb8cac.jpg (92099 bytes)

Bob, WB8CAC,  has a nice collection of these Heathkit  heavy weights (boat anchors) in the NC mountains. 

KD8SAV.JPG (156257 bytes)

Gary, KD8SAV, operates his HW-101 on CW and has earned many certficates through this station.

IZ4SJP.jpg (73450 bytes)

Carlo, IZ4SJP, has a neat wooden mic on his HW-101 that he made.




after.jpg (112164 bytes)

Neat job done by Flemming, OU1FTK,  

of installing a HP-23D kit into his HP-23B. 



IMG_2837a.JPG (250187 bytes)

Ron, K4MMT, built this HW-12A in 1970 and it still works fine.  


DSC00341a.JPG (359308 bytes)

Gary, KD8SAV, has worked DXCC and WAS with his nice HW-101.  

 k8iss.jpg (325806 bytes)

John, K8ISS, keeps adding to this nice Heathkit collection.


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